You may be asking who are you, what is an Eggbelly and why would I want to use you when there are so many talented people out there?

Let's start with who I am.  I am a wannabe graphic artist. Now that is not to say that wannabe is a bad word, I'm not trying to pretend to be something I am not.  I truly "Want To Be a Graphic Artist" and I'm working really hard to be just that.

I started out as an Administrative Secretary for a public school district, when they started applying for technology grants in 1999 they had to have a web site, so they gave me FrontPage and said do what you can.  Of course my first attempt was not that great but I kept at it.  I started taking classes at, bought books, and searched the internet for tutorials and decided this was something I wanted to do more of, so I started Eggbelly WEBdesign.

I have done more than just web sites with Eggbelly, I have created business cards, eBusiness cards, realtor flyers, event flyers, t-shirts, business forms, etc.  Over the next few pages you will see some of my class assignments

  and some of my actual work, I hope you like it.

Oh, I almost forgot, why you should use me?  Well, I'm very efficient, I work quickly and I put everything I've got into what I'm doing.  I'm a people pleaser, I want people to like me and like what I do and I will work until we get there.  You won't be sorry, give me a chance and you will see.


Michelle Cavazos  ●  Louisiana  ●  903.681.4182